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..Frequently asked questions

Where do we start the Tour?
This varies between events but we always send you a bulletin with the precise arrangements at least two weeks beforehand. We usually start from a town square (with a bar so that you can top up with coffee and croissants) close to the continental ferry terminal. Alternatively, we may try to meet everyone at the ferry terminal in the UK so that you get under way immediately you disembark on the continent.

How far do we drive each day?
This depends on the event. Our tours are about leisurely driving on country roads with plenty of time for stops so we normally try to keep the daily mileage to between 150 to 200 miles. Occasionally we do more so that we can get to a preferred hotel, but we then try to follow it with a short day or a rest day.

Do you provide mechanical back-up?
Yes. We are unique amongst tour organisers in having our own specialist teams of experienced mechanics following the route. If you have a problem they can usually fix it because all our vans carry a range of classic car parts. All you pay for is the cost of the parts we use. Should your vehicle need recovering because of a serious problem we have the vehicles and equipment to get you back to the ferry terminal or all the way home if necessary.

Can I join a Tour part way through?
Yes. Most of our tours provide an option to do a shorter version but if this isn’t suitable we can usually provide a bespoke option. Just give us a call and we’ll see what we can arrange.

Do we have to follow the exact route?
Of course not. You’re here to enjoy yourself so you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You can always follow your own route although we try to offer the most scenic roads in our route book. And although Brit Assist’s traveling mechanics should be able to find you if you have a problem when you’re not on the suggested route, it usually takes longer than if you follow the route in the Tulip roadbook.

Can I use an alternative ferry crossing?
Yes. However most of our continental tours start immediately after disembarking from the outbound ferry crossing included in the entry fee. In some cases we can arrange for you to join the tour at a later point if you are using a different ferry. Alternative return crossings can usually be arranged if you want to spend an extra couple of days abroad, although there may be some additional costs which we will pass on to you.

Can I do a Tour by myself?
Yes, but most hotels impose a surcharge for single occupancy and we have to pass that on. It’s also more fun doing it with someone.

Can I do a Tour if I’m disabled?
Of course. If you have a classic car you’re one of us and we’ll make you welcome. However, it’s always best to talk to us because most hotels and ferries have limited facilities and if you have particular requirements we need to book these early.

Can I book separate rooms?
Yes, but the same surcharges usually apply and we have to pass that cost on.

Is the navigation difficult?
No. These are leisurely driving tours, not brain-numbing navigational rallies. The route instructions are given in easy to follow 'Tulip' Road Books. Even if you have never used one before and don’t have an odometer in the car, you’ll soon see how simple they are to follow. Plus, our team is always happy to provide help and advice.

Do I need to join a club/organisation or have any form of special qualifications/licence?
No. There is no element of competition involved in any of our tours so competition licences are not required. Most car insurance policies will cover you for this type of event but it may be wise to check.

What is your dress code?
On most of our events we don’t have formal 'black tie' dinners. 'Smart casual' is acceptable in all our hotels, etc.

What is your definition of a Classic Car?
On most of our events we define a classic car as one that is more than 20 years old. However, we are flexible so if your car is younger than this but is “interesting” or a “future classic”, please call us.

Do the hotels have secure parking?
Most of the hotels we use have private parking facilities but we cannot guarantee the security of these. Occasionally we may also pay for additional security staff, but again, I’m afraid that we cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to any vehicle on our events